Tosyalı Algeria Administrative Building

Algeria that was under domination of Ottoman between 16th to 19th century  then following France in 19th century, has an urban texture which has been shaped by the influence of both these cultures. Although, lately Ottoman era influence fade out, there are still architectural settings we can track their footsteps in specific neighbourhoods. Backyards, semi open spaces with bay windows and porticos are presents the most outstanding examples of this culture.

 İn Tosyalı Headquarter Office Building, locates in Oran City-Algeria, Backyard aspect that we are familiar as a local architectural language in the region, also formed the basis of our design idea in terms of both the region’s climate and its historical memory in perceiving the space.

 Mentioned building is consist of 5 main blocks that are; 3 main blocks, 1 entrance and 1 core block. 2 of these main blocks include open and portioned offices and administration floor. Other block has designed for conference hall purpose. Main aim is to connect all blocks in a common platform yet still emphasize the entrance by creating a solo block. Besides, semi-open spaces and eaves designed as a protection for climatic reasons are the most dominated elements of the designed building.

Project Location
Oran, Algeria

Project Type

Tosyalı Holding

Project Date

Total Construction Area
4,500 sqm

Project Category
Architecture and Interior Design & Application

Spatial installation imprinted on the memories of the residents