Arçelik AR-GE Center

Arçelik research and developing building design is developed with the principles of design basis integrated to ecological,economic and social targets. The project that will be located in İstanbul, Çekmeköy is created with the designing smart building idea that is coherent future standarts and based on evaluating research and technology effectively.

Landscape and closeness of forest area are starting points for designing building as a “U” shape. One of the most important data for positioning of the building is that north direction. Therefore instead of closely spaces which are surrounded by apartments, paths, locating through to north and forest is predicated. While visual connection is provided by forest view, the transition from outer court to inner court is created by landscape design. The atrium and inner court, landscape and pools which are integrated to main building phsically. These courts are also used as activity and socializing spaces.

While the building is scaling up through the forest, landscape elements are integrated to the building. Also “greenbased design” is contionued inside. So instead of solid and monotonous office spaces, flexible, nature-integrated and productive spaces are aimed. The green areas which located to building façades and which continous through frontal surface of all floors as a strip supports the identity of green building and also provides acoustical solutions.

The main construction system is reinforced concerete. With the steel carrier system which encircles the building as a Shell, design develops a dinamic and innovative identity. Flooring and Shell are functioned separately, a hybrid system is created. Considering to structing relations and mass-void in order to provide cohesion, the building is set back. Considering the levels of building all the floors are pulled to provide visual communication between them and create an aesthetic view. 

Great gallery spaces are designed with the aim of developing relations and socializing of employees and totality of building. A plan which employees can see and communicate each other easily is created; through that a visual communication is achieved. While designing façade of building, White and red which are corporate colours of Arçelik are emphasized. By this means, employee’s sense of belonging are strengthened and a dynamic identity for building is created.

The façade of building is desinged as a Shell which is made out of steel construction. A creation of dynamic, technological and innovative perception which reflects the concept of research and development center is taken as a basis while creating the form and facade. With the tape Windows which are created as slits and not ensuing each other, reflecting of the technology creation center is aimed. The dynamism on the façade is reflected to interior design approach. With the attitude of generation Y, a possibility of working in the every corner of the building and breaks statics, an Activity-based working approach is based on. Spaces are designed  with the aim of creating a more human-centered experience that enriches the emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing of people. social spaces,playing spaces, green areas are used homogeneously. Individual work spaces, phonebooths for private calls, quite-zones and meeting rooms that differentiated considering people’s need are planned.

Office working spaces are located building part which are up to North view where opening to the forest and outer courtyard. In order to enjoy daylight, the facades are designed as transparent up to north; open working spaces are located beside the window edge without reflection. With the windows as slits, daylight is got in the closed spaces that are located in West, South and east parts of building. Rooms that require daylight relatively less like laboratours are located mostly in the background. While building space relations with each other, offices are located in front of related laboratours.The principle that based on the building body is entirely closed through west-east and south directions provide great advantages to decrease cooling load.

Wind turbines that will be built-up are taken as a part of project.Through by benefit from the building’s orientation, thanks to wind fresh air coming from the forest is controlly taken into the building. Thanks to openings on the upper levels, it is planned to elemenate natural ventilation to outside by thermic effect. As a result of the analysis associated to the sustainable design, contionus fresh air circulation is provided for people’s ergonomy level in the building. The advantages of mostly reducings illnesses is taken by preventing  sick building syndrome.

Smart building concept is also applied for this Research and Development Center of Arçelik with innovations of today’s world. Sustainable building concept is designed for using energy efficently and environmentally friendly. It is aimed to develop the building with the full automation systems. Ventilation, lighting, communication, room-controling, security, fire, audio & visual systems are installed as technological infrastructure of the building. From the retina display systems to the induvidual control of LED lighting systems integrated to the tables it is covered all the range of technological installments. Carbon Zero Building concept is environmentally - friendly applied for Arçelik.

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Project Location
Çekmeköy, İstanbul, Turkey

Project Type
AR-GE Center


Project Date

Total Construction Area
78.112 sqm

Project Category
Architectural & Interior Design