Universally, by designing office that providing the criterias of
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification which is the most common, reliable and valid "Green Building Certification System", we create more green and sustainable offices for you. At the same time by taking advantage of energy efficiency, we have maintained a very useful approach to reduce your costs.


Office Technology

The everchanging technology became an issue that directly affects our office life. Bigg integrates the most convenient solutions to the design process according with the way you do business and increases your level of comfort while working.


In accordance with purpose of use of space and requirements of the project, we have the highest acoustic arrangements correctly. From the sound in space, noise and vibration control to the acoustic volume management, we produce the most efficient solutions in all areas of general and private. We prevent hum, noise in your office space; provide the highest quality sound distribution in your seminar or meeting rooms.


Bigg believes that the first thing you feel when you go into a space, is directly related to the illumination. Bigg hereupon designs the space considering the spatial perception and the impact of light and darkness, as an inseperable whole. The lighting design team creates spatial lightings within a balanced state of artificial and natural light by recognizing the direct influence they have on health and efficiency of the employees.


Having more efficient, more sustainable and low-carbon emission offices is directly associated with an automatization system scenario which is correctly established. Thanks to these systems, even without the user enters a building, his office environment can be ready for the day. From the ventilation to curtain people can assume the control of space, they can find opportunity to organize lighting and the light levels according to be felt the most comfortable with a few key. With smartphones, you can reserve your meeting room and you can invite the participants to meeting at the time you want in available rooms in the system. With touches in your new project that is developed with Bakırküre, significant savings in both time and energy has been provided.

Audio Visual Systems

Active and effective presentations, meetings which pave the way for idea exchanges… Supporting these spaces which are essential needs of todays’ offices with the right infrastructure provides great advantages in both budget and time. While you bring an interactive approach to your presentations with touch screens, also you can meet your business partners who are from the other end of world with video-conference systems. You can also provide guidances easily thanks to monitors and videowall systems which manage informations and reservations in your office space. For all these systems, there is one thing you should do: inform us what do you need to meet your professional solutions.


About the creation of fire scenarios and choosing the appropriate system, with collaboration between you and our fire advisors, we developed our projects according to standards. With related engineering, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance support services are provided on the project and application phases.

Graphic Design

No matter how hard one works, it’s impossible to work looking at the screen 24/7. It’s important to have a space design in harmony with the objectives and functions of the company. Materials, blueprints and communication spaces designed merely for guiding, defining, informing and motivating.... Each and every one of them must be designed by paying attention to esthetic and functional criterias complying with the corporate identity of the space and brand. At this point we, ensure presenting the messages intended within a precise visualization by means of planning each step from ideas to implementation.

Communication Design

In our modern day, almost every company is performing studies about employee loyalty, happiness and efficiency and looking for ways through a better office environment. The best approach here, is to think about the workforce as a target group and to perform different communication campaigns in accordance with the intended message. For example, a customarily planned agenda can turn into a perfect internal communication tool with a little effort and special attention. Besides, an office environment can stay fresh with these periodic communication tools. Communication specialists embodied in the Bakırküre structure, organize a detailed, step-by-step extent of the internal communication from the moving process to the uttermost end.


More greener, more environmentally-friendly office ... Green spaces in your office allows both space and users to breathe in a healthy way. With vertical gardens, green plants and touches reminds the nature, indoor air is refreshed and health status of space users are also affected in a positive way. The serious increase of productivity and creativity of employees who feel better and more positive themselves is one of them results of it…



Furnitures, especially your work chairs should be chosen by considering your wellness, health and ergonomic. You need to avoid all furnitures that cause pull to you neck or backache or may pose a risk to your health during the day or in the long process. Because of this, you experience all the furniture must be qualified to support your life and work type. High-adjustable desks, shared-desks that you can collaborate or a comfortable chair that give a small break by drinking coffee. We bring all of these components together in the frame of your office and your needs.


For us, your security scenarios and plans that are created according to your organization privately, are as important as for you.  From the first step, all the requirements of your security scenario are reflected carefully to our project after you specify your physical and electronic security precautions in your new office. Therefore, we can prevent all possible risks in the architectural context.

Moving Management

One of the most challenging stages during the moving or refurbishing process of your office is removal. Moving smoothly and damage-free without decreasing the motivation of your employees and disrupting the working process, is all anyone could wish for. Bigg makes sure that the process carries on without causing any trouble with the help of our experts and the fast workforce. It moves all the systems for your employees therefore they will be able to take up on Monday where they left off on Friday. Thus the employees find themselves working in their new environment and keep on working without having any complications.