For our ancestors, belonging to a group that share the work load and protect each other was necessary for surviving. By the reason of these links from the past, our brain is coded as motivate us for belonging feeling. The recent researches in neurology science show us the social needs are managed by same neural networks as the primary needs for survival such as nutrition and water.

From the moment that we exist as humankind, we tend to establish our relationship around the feeling of confidence. So, in the direction of our social needs, we need to analyse the all space that we exist and every person that we met. We want to make sure that trust or not trust the people and these people are friends or enemies. The concepts of ‘trust’ and ‘belonging’, which are the most important social needs of people, shouldn’t ignored at workspaces. Providing a sense of belonging in offices is not limited to enjoying when working. At the same time, it becomes an important source of motivation and increase employee’s productivity and success.

In the environments where the feeling of trust is threatened and the concept of friendship does not develop; many problems such as anxiety, lack of motivation and abdication are emerged. It is impossible to cooperate in such an environment. When the threat mechanism in the brain starts to work, problem solving ability decreases, ability to perceive subtle information disappears and the beginning to become inclined about wrong hypothesis.

In the environments where confidence is dominating, employees find more options to solve problems, more thoughtful and more inclined to working together are observed. As a result, these individuals generally perform better. When employees feel they belong to a team, they motivate themselves as a success-oriented manner and they also do more for their works.

What are we doing for increasing employees’ sense of belonging?

Creating the spaces where employees can work in a happy, peaceful, trustful and cooperative working environment is at the top of our basic principles.

The concept of ‘belonging’ has become more important in the offices of today’s business world where generation y employees who have not sense of belonging very well. Because, even though they are inclined to do team work, their individualism approaches are the forefront. Like previous generations, they can’t be connected exactly where they are. By make use of an opportunity, they inclined to cross to place where have better opportunity.

‘’When the firs moment we step into our office in the morning, we know very well the pleasure of entering a spacious, cozy and pleasant place and opening our computer with taking a good coffee. So, we work devotedly for you can experience the same thing.’’

For talking about the concept of ‘belonging’ in a working environment, it is necessary to keep the physical and mental health conditions, working motivations and social opportunities of the employees who spend time on the highest level. If employees think only hard works and end of the shift before the work time when they are coming to office; it is impossible to talk about the possibility of concept of belonging in this workspace. The strong relationship among employees and feeling of confidence in office, by leaving the individual ambitions of employees, working in cooperation with respect increase the feeling of belonging in workspaces.

The most important step that we take in our design for increasing social relations among the employees in workspaces; breaking the solid walls and create transparent and open workspaces. In today’s business world where teamwork and cooperation are so important and effective, we are designing collaboration areas where provide to team works and informal meetings with updated technological systems. In addition, we keep in mind that some works must be done in isolated and quiet places. So, we are not neglecting create to concentration zones that are equipped with acoustical solutions.

People need third places different from their homes and workplaces for relaxing and social relations. In addition to socializing, they can also take their tablets or laptops and they can continue to their works in there. With the rapidly development of technology, people don’t need offices. So, many coffee shops and restaurants have begun to integrate the new areas where have designed with working concept.

‘’By carrying the trend of working with coffee and music in coffee shops into the offices, we are providing same environment to employees in the offices.’’

The social areas where we design in different sizes and concepts provide that employees can relax and get in contact with other people. In addition, employees can work in there by taking their laptops and coffee when they want.

It is necessary that employees’ physical and psychologic health conditions must be on high level for employees can provide their social needs effectively.

For increasing the motivation of the employees and to keep their psychological conditions at a good level, their physical health conditions must be supported very well. It is impossible to waiting happiness and positiveness from an individual who doesn’t feel good as physically. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about the sense of belonging in such an environment.

We know the miraculous effects of nature on human health and psychology. So, we have a great respect for nature and we are integrating it to our design in a sustainable way without destroying it.

By placing the active working area near the glass edges, we are providing to using the natural daylight efficiently. In the same way, we provide air circulation within the office in a clean way of breathing air all day long thanks to our mechanical team and our consultants.

Green areas clean both the air that we breathe and our mind. The green areas that we design in the spaces as horizontally and vertically are indispensable for our designs; with bringing a different air to space, it increases the quality of the air and it effects the employees’ health positively. Psychology of individuals who feel healthy and fit themselves also prone to good.

People have basic needs such as security, belonging, sense of purpose, feeling of self-worth and so a good working space should be provide to all these needs. If you are designing an office, you should put people in the centre by team feeling and belonging in the forefront.

The key of the happy offices is here!

Gizem Hatipoğlu

October 16, 2017