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Bakırküre Architects constantly seeks to create spatial solutions for contemporary life in the rapidly changing world scene. Starting with the idea that “good” design is enabled by analytical and multidimensional perception, it evaluates every project with its distinctive data. Predicating upon a functional and rational approach, it provides a synthesis of the whole and the parts of different scales in a common and unique design language. Though mainly operant in working and living spaces, Bakırküre Architects has a wide range of praxis, from urban projects to object design. It aspires to overcome problems by means of aesthetic and creative solutions, using contemporary materials and technology besides building up professional associations in order to respond to complex programs.

Bakırküre Architects believes that qualitative output is possible through intensive dialogue as much as with the continuity of the process. This approach figures as the main tool to tender a high-quality spatial experience to the user. Aiming to reanimate the architecture scene with its energy, Bakırküre Architects offers the potential to make design practice into a multilayered reality from concept design to project management.

Gürhan Bakırküre - Architect, M.A. in Arch.

Graduating from Istanbul Italian High School in 1985, he had his bachelor degree at Department of Architecture in Mimar Sinan University in 1989. After launching his professional career in 1989, Gürhan Bakırküre has undertaken numerous projects in Turkey and other countries including Russia, Greece, the USA, Germany, and Italy. The winner of various awards in architectural competitions, he has exhibited his works to the public eye, frequently speaks at events such as panels and conferences and serves in architectural competitions as a jury member. In addition to his professional activities in Bakırküre Architects, he had been giving Architectural Project lessons as a lecturer in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University until 2013.



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